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The recovery of Adobe Photoshop documents can be performed by Photoshop Fix Toolbox, this program may get your
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20 July 2013

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This tool will help recover damaged Photoshop image files.

Corrupt Photoshop image files could be recovered with this software program. Using the program does not interfere with the source image at all as it works with a copy. The operation of the tool is absolutely simple. There are no settings to be done. You simply select the corrupt file path through the interface and click start. The program goes into an analysis mode to determine what went wrong with the Photoshop file. This analysis is carried out on a copy, leaving the original undisturbed. There is no worry that this application might corrupt the file further. The parsing of the corrupt file will take some time. Thus it will be a good policy to use a powerful PC for running the analysis. This whole process is so simple that the skill levels of the operator does not matter at all. Just about anyone should be able to get going with it.

Having analyzed the faulty file, this tool will present the data that could be recovered for the user to judge if saving the recovered file is worthwhile. The trial version will not let you do that of course. If you find that the restoration is meaningful during your trial runs, you could always pay for the application and get the full version that saves the recovered files too. The file to be recovered could be accessed through the integrated interface with your file directory on the local storage. If you work with Photoshop often, probability that you will find a corrupted file goes up and it will make sense to keep a tool like this handy. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

Please take a closer look at Photoshop Fix Toolbox if you encounter data corruption issues affecting the integrity of Adobe Photoshop files. This program runs under all supported software environments and opens any version of PSD file for analysis. There is no need to worry about the safety of processed documents during the recovery of Adobe Photoshop images, this tool works with copies only, it does not affect original files. Please open the website of application developer and look through the specifications of Photoshop Fix Toolbox, make sure it may work on any PC in the network, including your own workstation. The efficiency of Adobe Photoshop recovery program remains the same on all computers, but it works slower on older workstations therefore you may need to install this application on a later PC to improve the speed of analysis. After the first start of Photoshop Fix Toolbox you may look at the interface of Adobe Photoshop recovery tool and evaluate its ease. The absence of additional settings allows starting the analysis of PSD files immediately, you may call the open file dialog, find a file of Adobe Photoshop format to be processed and click the Next softkey to start the analysis of selected PSD file. After the start of Photoshop fix process you may need to wait for a while because the parsing of selected image may be time consuming if the size of selected PSD document is too large and it is parsed on a slower computer. There are no other ways to improve the speed of analysis except installing this application on more powerful workstations so please be patient and wait for the end of data recovery process. As soon as the parsing of selected document is successfully completed, you may evaluate the efficiency of Adobe Photoshop recovery by previewing the results of analysis. In the end of PST repair our customers can export the data into new documents of Adobe Photoshop format. The last step is not available until you register Photoshop Fix Toolbox.
Photoshop Fix Toolbox
Photoshop Fix Toolbox
Version 2.0.1
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